Audiovisual journeys

I like to put audiovisual ideas into motion and realize my creative visions: Starting from concept and storyboard, through shooting and directing, all the way to editing, colorgrading, and sound design.

I have about 10 years of experience in making commercials and corporate films in the fields of business-to-business and business-to-society.

Getting inspired

I find my inspiration very often in music. I started producing music and DJing at the age of 14, which has a large impact on my approach to motion pictures.  My films are very often driven by a musical arrangement and follow along a dramaturgy, and so finding the right sound is always important to me.

Another big source of inspiration is traveling. Visiting places I have never seen before and meeting new people gets my creative brain working.

The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself.
— Peter Jackson